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  1. Unity Finesmith on Cycling in Auckland:

    Harbour Bridge

    If you haven’t heard, there is going to be an ‘event’ over the Harbour Bridge later this year. It is primarily a race but I have been assured that there will also be “stuff for children families and everyday riders. Details and age groups will be announced on May 17 with the public launch” – this sounds a little ominous … why do I need an age group to cycle over the bridge?

    I am really looking forward to this as we had such a great time when we went over on the ‘unplanned’ crossing last time.

    I am thinking that this would be a great event for the tricycle – a helmet free jaunt across the harbour Bridge! I was wondering whether there were any other tricycle/cargo bike riders that would like to join me? We could do a whole ‘legally helmet free slow cycling’ thing – anyone interested?

  2. As a Engineer I was very impressed with the design and the fact it is an all weather walkway and sheltered from high wind gusts. I have walked over the Sydney Harbour bridge and I believe people will greatly enjoy the ability to view the City, Northshore and the boats on the Harbour. This is difficult while driving.

    But more important it has the potential to reduce traffic congestion. People will be able to walk or cycle to work or recreation facilities cafes in the CBD or North Shore. It will give access to walks such as Onepoto and beaches by walking buses or cycles. It can also be a major tourist attraction.

  3. Love the concept and i want to use it, just a bit worried about how the shape of the structure will affect the wind for smaller vehicles , will it make the wind more intense for motorcycles in the left most lane in a NE wind , will it create eddies ?

  4. All of auckland needs a good cycle network, including the bridge as a simple mode of transport to enable people to get to work without having to sit in traffic queue’s for 2 hours each day.

    This is vital to the health of our city and effectively our country. Based on a Swedish model where cycle networks are used extensively, 3.5m wide is required and priority must be made for cyclists.

    If auckland transport is serious about getting people to work on time and making our city more economic cycle networks must be created between all major points of interest. Schools, bus stations, CBD, sports grounds etc.

    That NZ has come so far with only the car available to most people is deplorable. Clean green is far from the truth.

    Use the Swedish model, humans live there too and it works on a daily basis, even when it is 20 degrees below zero. So it can work in NZ as long as we don’t keep building with no though to cycle networks.

    The hobsonville point development had a fantastic opportunity to provide a way for people to get to a Ferry, and missed it by a mile.

    I am a civil engineer with Swedish experience on cycle networks and am willing to talk further if anyone is genuinely interested in improving out transport environment.

  5. I think that this has got to be primarily considered as a tourist attraction and leisure activity for Aucklanders.I have the following concerns;
    -It can only serve a small area for commuters on each side of the bridge as you have to get to and from it and then ride across. It is a long ascent on a bike and only for the fit and dedicated.
    -It can get really wet and windy up there which again limits it’s use as a commuter link.
    -I hate the net barrier-if I’m going to climb the bridge (and I’ve done the Auckland Bridge Climb) I want to see the view unobstructed .This is not going to appeal to tourists.
    I suuport the concept but can’t see it making much difference to commuter traffic.It should be free to Aucklanders (who don’t have to pay to drive over the bridge so why pay to cycle?)and tourists and residents in this beautiful city want to SEE the view.

  6. Cycle and pedestrian access across the harbour bridge is an excellent idea with so many obvious benefits.

    Why was this not done years ago?

    My main concern with the design is that there needs to be separation between north and south bound cycle lanes, and the pedestrians lane for this to work safely and efficiently. Cyclist and pedestrians do not mix well at the best of times and this will be compounded by the high speeds that commuter cyclist will want to travel at on the down hill run.

  7. I support the idea of a cycleway over the Bridge but I am concerned that the usage figures are over estimated as is usual with a project like this.
    If the PIP is so sure of its numbers why does it require a council guarantee at all? I would like to know if the guarantee includes a return on capital to the PIP.
    The risk to the rate payer is in the fine print and I fear this will be another case of private profit, public risk

  8. Presumably people are either intended to use this crossing as a mode of commuting, or it is intended to become a tourist attraction. Either use will increase congestion at both ends of the bridge, and there doesn’t seem to be space for parking for those that will visit or use the crossing. This will mean congested roads around Northcote point/Westhaven in peak times, and parking congestion. Is there anything in place as part of this plan to alleviate this?

  9. About time! I recall the first day I set foot in NZ in 2001, put my bike together and started innocently cycling towards the bridge heading for the far north, only to be told the only way across was by car. I was totally flabbergasted at the lack of choice. Bring it on!

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