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This website is a history of the Getacross Campaign.

12 March 2013 The Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway Trust has a new website for the Skypath, see Getacross will be supporting the Trust to ensure the connection is built. 20 February 2013 Good news! The SkyPath passed the test at the Transport Committee last week, and now goes forward for consideration by the full Council in May. It’s a big step forward, and huge thanks to everyone who contacted Councillors to ask them to vote ‘yes’. It was great to receive strong support from the three Local Boards (Waitemata, Kaipatiki and Devonport-Takapuna), ATEED and Heart of the City. We now have until May to prepare a robust case for consideration by the full Council and will be working closely with local community, Iwi and all the key stakeholders to achieve this. Now we are so close to this important decision, please continue to let Auckland Council know you want walking and cycling across our Harbour Bridge. Council’s Annual Plan for 2013/2014 outlines what they plan to do in the 12 months to 30 June 2014, and it’s very important for Councillors to get the message that we want the SkyPath included THIS YEAR – not some time in the future! Simply enter your name and address, then enter your comments in box 10 here: Thank you – Councillors do listen to the comments they get and your voice really does count! 23 November 2012  Ernst & Young’s review of SkyPath’s business case shows an initial revenue stream of $3.25 to $5.56 million pa. This is well within the revenue range necessary for SkyPath to be financially feasible and we hope to agree on a final funding arrangement with Council and NZTA soon. In summary… Morrison & Co’s PIP Fund will cover the construction cost, the operating and maintenance cost, and the most risky 25% of the business case revenue. The less risky 75% of revenue would be underpinned by Council, NZTA and others, who in return will share in the revenue upside and will own SkyPath after the tolling period. And in more good news, NZTA has adopted SkyPath as its preferred walking and cycling option for the next harbour crossing. The advantage of SkyPath is that it offers superior facilities, is 100% compatible with the next harbour crossing (regardless of whether it is a bridge or a tunnel) and can be delivered now! We’re excited about the benefits of SkyPath, it will unlock Auckland’s potential for walking and cycling, new tourism opportunities and waterfront recreation.   22 October 2012  Auckland Transport’s review of the SkyPath business case is currently being carried out by Ernst & Young.  We’ve seen a draft version of the report and have provided a number of corrections and additions.  We’re confident that SkyPath’s business case is very strong and we’re looking forward to progressing the $28 million funding and delivery arrangement proposed by the Public Infrastructure Partnership Fund. And further to the news that Waterfront Auckland is spending $5.8 million on a walking and cycling around Westhaven Marina to the Harbour Bridge, it’s great to hear of a proposal to restore Shoal Bay to provide a direct walking and cycling link from Takapuna to the Bridge. While SkyPath users will be able to use existing walking and cycling connections to Takapuna, and the SkyPath isn’t reliant on this new proposal, it would be great to see the improvements suggested. See: We remain committed to starting construction of SkyPath next year and will work through any barriers to success. 14 September 2012 We are very pleased to advise that the Public Infrastructure Partnership (PIP) Fund have made an initial proposal to fund the $28 million required to build SkyPath on our Harbour Bridge. The PIP Fund is managed by Morrison & Co and its cornerstone investor is the NZ  superannuation Fund. They bring considerable funding expertise, having recently signed an agreement with the Government to design, build, finance and maintain two new schools in Hobsonville for the next 25 years. The PIP Fund’s proposal for the SkyPath project shares the financial risks and returns as follows: 1) A potential Council top-up is required only for the first four years if revenue is below 75% of the business case projections 2) Council receives a share of all revenue exceeding the business case projections 3) Ownership and control of the $28 million SkyPath is given to Council after the tolling period. The PIP Fund’s proposal is subject to a due diligence review of the SkyPath’s estimated construction and operating costs. Their funding proposal has been forwarded to key stakeholders Auckland Transport, Waterfront Auckland, ATEED and NZTA seeking their feedback and requesting that they become involved in this opportunity.  Our goal remains to start construction of SkyPath next year. May 23 2012       Auckland Council – Strategy and Finance Committee – result The SkyPath (the Harbour Bridge walk and cycle way) has been included in the Long Term Plan for Auckland. It is a “zero budget line item” which means Council hasn’t made any funding commitment, but the important thing is that it keeps the project on the table and gives Council the chance to fully consider the underwrite options for investment by private funders. The SkyPath will be self-funding through the user toll – $2 per trip if using a Hop Card. This is likely the only way to provide this much needed access across the harbour in the next 20 or possibly 30 years, as NZTA have repeatedly said they won’t fund a Bridge walking and cycling facility. Aucklanders made it clear to Council that they want this facility, so thanks to everyone who took the time to submit or contact Councillors. More than 60% of submissions on walking and cycling to the Draft LTP and RLTP supported access across the Bridge. May 22 2012       NZ Herald: SkyPath chance to transform bridge

It’s the 53rd birthday of the Auckland Harbour Bridge this month, our city’s much loved but rather drab icon. We enjoy the spectacular view of the city as we drive over the top, but rather disparagingly we call the bridge the “Coathanger”. Let’s face it, it’s not glamorous. But our bridge can be reborn as a symbol of a vibrant modern city, the new Auckland of the 21st century, thanks to the SkyPath proposal for a beautiful modern pathway tucked under the city-side clip-on.   Read more here

Pathway’s concept design is launched! See the launch of the Pathway concept design and hear what Aucklanders are saying in this short video: GetAcross is campaigning for a walking and cycling pathway across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. We support the proposal for a Pathway under the Bridge’s southbound (city side) clip-on.  This proposal addresses all of the technical and funding challenges. We want NZTA to approve the AHB Pathway Project so work can start in 2011.  Click Join Us to receive updates and learn how you can help! If you wish to help the campaign here is the way to donate

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