In The News

A list of articles, videos and sound bites on our campaign to get across. (Most recent first)

Wood opposes Skypath

Len Brown: Six Strategies for 2014 see Skypath in part 3


The next steps – on Transport Blog

Path to the Future

…At the top of the list is the SkyPath proposal…

Space-age materials for SkyPath

In search of Auckland”s Skypath TV3

You can do it in London, Rome, even Sydney. Now it seems Auckland is next!

Fee threatens path viability

Is SkyPath a good idea?

Residents get say on bridge Skypath project

Auckland Harbour Bridge wins support TV1

Cyclists and Walkers win support for bridge path

Harbour bridge SkyPath moves a step closer


A beachfront walking and cycling path from Takapuna to the Auckland Harbour Bridge

Tolled Bridge Path on Offer.

Brown on back foot over cycleway


Sunday, Dec 11 2011 saw 5,000 cyclists enjoy the fantastic experience of riding across the Bridge.  See the TV3 news item to see the ride and hear what Mayor Len Brown says about our Pathway!

No bridge too far in cycle of 40 year commute

The Pathway project published on

Harbour Bridge Cycle Pathway Design Unveiled

Stepping out over the Waitemata

$2 toll proposed to fund Harbour Bridge pathway

Walk and cycle path takes a forward step

Herald on Sunday editorial: Cycleway plan makes good sense

Harbour Bridge could get Pathway – TV3 video

Rethink opens way for cyclists, walkers on bridge

Bridge path report angers cycle campaigners

Cycle and walking path on bridge gets Mayor Len Brown’s tick


Project Auckland: Why wait years for a new crossing?

Harbour bridge cycleway an idea whose time has gone

Bridge-path campaigners win developer’s backing

Public invited to put ideas for pathway under bridge


Is it worth putting a cycleway on the Harbour Bridge?

Toll could pave the way for pedestrians

New Harbour Bridge proposal gives room for cyclists

Campaigners try again for bridge access

Harbour Bridge marchers may face fines, charges

Lanes clogged as thousands cross Harbour Bridge

Bridge walkers threaten to repeat protest

Walking the walk for second time in 50 years

People power breaks barricades

Security on bridge ramped up for protest

Bevan Woodward: Roading body stuck in a one-track way of thinking

Campaigner: Bridge protest will stay legal

Editorial: Bridge walk fitting way to celebrate

Bridge forbids activists’protest crossing plan

North Shore backpedals on cycle lane endorsement

Cyclists suggest under-slung carriageway for bridge


Cyclists angry at ‘dead horse’ talk

Bridge stays shut to bikes and walkers

Drive for weekend cycle lane on bridge

Bridge decision delayed

Editorial: Cycleway just too expensive

Pedal protest sprints over bridge

Rally to support bridge cycleway

Regional council backs bridge walkers, cyclists

ARC and Shore studies back bridge cycle link

Bridge cycle link binned – for now

Double steel to put extra strength into clip-ons

Bike campaigners find more room on bridge